Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Haiku have become a new craze at the Log Cabin. That and the obsession with small creatures.
Netta has an essay due soon therefore is stressed. Its lucky she doesn't have access to the log cabin blog cause that would be a bigger distraction.

Metwinda also graced the Log Cabin with her presence for a week.
This would be more exciting with pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Frequently uttered sentences

#1 - "Shut up, Eamonn"
#2 - "Fran should open this jar of sun-dried tomatoes already!"
#3 - "Dooooo it...." (As said by Fran)
#4 - "Man, it's cold in here!"
#5 - "Is someone in the bathroom?"

Sunday, March 22, 2009


nothing to do with thw log cabin but... This week has been so freaking awesome..

-viper room
-shitty adds
-big beds
-$1.50 all day bus passes
-99c store sun glasses
-99c store caps
-99c nachos
-new shoes
-free gum
-frito pie
-chilli cheese fries
-rap bands
-free t-shirt
-free nachoes
-free juice
-free coffe
-free waffles
-free beer
-hot girls
-the grates
-hotel pools
-s club seven re-inactments
-hotel lobby internets for 8 hours
-lol at american aparel
-no lines
-badge passes
-bands bands bands bands
-all the music you can eat!!!
-game boy
-breaking shit
-mexican T.V
-crazy americans

wow cant wait to come home !!!

bLog Cabin Recap

The Cabin's been rather more cozy than usual - mainly due to the fact that our internet is... not working. Instead of sitting about commenting on Google image pics and Wiki-ing ideas spawned from television commercials, we talk. And bake. And laugh. Sometimes.

And much more besides! There was a party/binge drinking at the Cabin on Monday after D!D!D!/D-Rad/Sets/AFTB's AA show. I went to Mt Pleasant's final Chch show, and generally had a reflective, quiet evening. I'm reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. It's delightful

On Tuesday, Melinda, Eamonn and I celebrated St Patrick's Day by making milkshakes. We set off for a walk, appropriately attired, with a vague notion of heading to P 'n' S to get ingredients. It was a very nice evening, topped off with sensational milkshakes.

Melinda, Fran and I rearranged the living room. It's approximately 23% more log-cabiny. The fire place is more of a focal point than the television, and has been used more lately.

Netta moved in on Friday. She (and the rest of the flat) spent that night at the Cranford Mansion. A cake has since been baked as reparation.

Fran, Netta and I cleared out the hall way a bit. It needed it, and now enables Eamonn to walk through without succumbing to his crippling claustrophobia.

I went to the Dux three nights in a row. Lil Pics were ok, Connan was really cool, Mustard were good, Pine were v good, The Septembers were meh (but did give me a free cd), The Sneaks were awesome, and Lawrence Arabia was awesome too. Bronwyn, Sam and I hung out on Friday night, and strolled the streets of Chch.

Bronwyn is returning to Canada after 2 years here. I'm not really looking forward to it - she's been such a great friend. We went and saw The Class at the WCS. I didn't like it. 3/10

Last night I made some things to send Beth. Cabin mates swooned. Sorry, I wish I could date you all. Keep your eyes on the post box.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Astro Boy's credibility on the line!

David has claimed the moon will rise tonight at 8:20pm. He is willing to stake his reputation as an astronomer on it this time.

God, I wish I weren't vegan

An ad for Aerosol Cheese on TV sparked a chain of internet searches, that resulted in this gem:

It's Saviour-licious!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Flat is full of hate

I hate Netta
Netta hates Melinda
Melinda hates Fran
Fran hates Me

Everybody loves David
But David hates Everybody

We All hate T'Nealle, except when she cooks us food, then it turns into a mild dislike

This is not a joke it is actually the truth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its not like scrubs.

So Hollan gets his operation today which probably means he's not going to come party at the log cabin for a wee while. Does this mean the party is moving to Brighton? Yes? No? Maybe?.... Not likely.
All the log cabin inhabitants have been tending to Hollan at his bedside at the hospital. T'nealle has been beating down his spirit by kicking ass on "who wants to be a millionaire" for the Nintendo DS. But that's ok cause she brought in a famous Ngaire gift basket for him. Netta has yet to make it in, but is promising to bring some BK with her when she does, so Hollan doesn't have to spend another day starving off hospital food.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A month in the bLog Cabin

This is my first post on the bLog. I guess a lot of it is due to the fact that I don't have a computer. As the other Cabiners all have lap tops, I'm often made to feel unwelcome as they sit around the lounge and do all kinds of internet related things I can barely fathom. 'Posts' on 'OOK'? 'Chatting' with each other via 'fckbook'? Games of 'Lexulous' (nee Scrabulous)?

I've been living there for about a month, and it's probably time for an expose on the other dwellers. For anonymity, I'll just use initials, e.g. Eamonn M. No, that's too obvious - E Marra. Yeah.

E. M. is currently unemployed. He suggested to me that I should write a bLog, and be really mean about other people. I think it's time for payback, especially as E deliberately and callously threw my tooth brush out the bathroom window, and rubbed it in the filthy drain. He chose to tell me after I brushed my teeth. That's ok, I put something of his in the toilet.

M. M. is currently doing a Roy Morgan personal survey. These are highly confidential, but she chooses to leave it lying around, revealing salacious details of her private life. In a TftLC exclusive, I can reveal that M did not listen to the radio on Tuesday, and thinks that women should not be mainly responsible for care of the household. Outrage!

F. M-P. is employed, and chooses to lord this fact over the other less wealthy residents. F enjoys a drink after her hard days at the office stacking, unstacking, and stamping paper. She fashioned a scooter cover out of tarpaulin and rope, but it's main purpose is to strangle those Cabin dwellers who are taller than her diminutive frame. Short people...

We await the arrival of a new member, N. E., who will no doubt bring her own quirks to the mix.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


today at the log cabin we had a sweet ice-cream party... three times!
recommended ice-cream flavors..
-goody-gumdrops-(was not consumed, but is really good)
-chocolate-(was not consumed, but is really good)

(accurate picture)

posturing moral delinquency

We've been having a busy day. Saw Hollan and his fucked up leg then we had an ice cream party. Followed by watermelon party, then some moral delinquency, then more ice cream. This was followed up by GTA and some gardening. T'nealle cooked up some sweet dinner then we watched Reefer Madness.

Yesterday we also went and saw some sweet hip hop shit and got in touch with our hood side.

David and I got sweet t-shirts... so now we've doubled our chances of wearing the same t-shirt as each other- there will always have to be consultation before wearing either our Camp or Block Party T-shirts.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

we broke hollan

yesterday day in Linwood park we played a sweet show to some kids ( who obviously didn't know how to dance) so Hollan needed to teach them a lesson ( in dancing ) it was amazing, from the the first move he busted out all the kiddies were like 'OMG!!!! he did not just do that.' it was insane... Then he fell over and fractured his ankle, and had to go to hospital on a stretcher, and they tried to give him nos, but he refused it cos he was drunk. the funny thing is that this in not the first incident bang bang has had at a gig. This is the second of many to come i suspect...soz hollan

(accurate picture)

ch5 = shit , our blog is so much better, and we have a house and you dont!!!!

the log cabin crew VS. crack house 5..

50c well spent at the st lukes church fair. best fridge ever. gremlins rule.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i lived in the log cabin

for about a month. from the 28th of december until the 28th of january, i think. if i'm right, then that's exactly a month.
fran always accused me of never being at home, but in reality it was just that she had a job and i spent my nights drinking away my student hardship benefit/savings/troubles.
i really liked it, we had a few barbeques and parties and we stole the neighbours' internet (big ups woosh) and when i wasn't around they talked about how i was a ladies' man. awesome.
i'll write more when i'm soberer and more inspired.
it'll be good. i promise.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Log Cabin Memory - 001

T'Nealle can craft anything.

example: pillowed cassette cassette holder.

Cabin Fever

Eamonn's room isn't as nice as when T'nealle lived in there. It's not as visually appealing. I think T'nealle needs to come and provide a makeover service for that bedroom.

Also the salt and pepper shaker collection is looking a little sad right now. T'neeeeeeeeeeeallle we miss you! Come make disco fries!

Also, while I'm commenting on people.... Mr. Burgess... where are you? Why were you not here on Friday? We expect you to come drink with us soon- after all you did sleep in our lounge and freak out Matt's "house guest", its the least you could do.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I must be cool

I'm pretty sure that having a blog makes you cooler than everyone that doesn't have a blog, even if it is a blog shared with your flatmates and people who used to live in your house.

Henry doesn't have a blog and he's a fucking cool person
so that must make me a really fucking cool person

What is the logcabin? you may ask!

Well the logcabin is the best flat in Christchurch, and probably the most authentic too (if jock approves lol) here are the pros and cons of living/visiting the logcabin....
1- it is a logcabin
2- it is very sunny and warm
3- they mowed the grass-nice work
4- the blender is never put away- for all the times when you just need a margarita
5- they don't have a couch instead there is a single bed, arm chair,giant beanbag and 2X foot stools
6- they grow their own veges-potatoes, marrow, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and herbs
7- there are his and hers sinks in the hall way, that make a fine towel holder
8- Fran did a Mr. Bean with the original water colour of the city council building
9- amazing salt and pepper shaker collection

1- i don't live there any more.

this is pretty much accurate...

The first thought from the log cabin

um, hello. This is the first thought from the log cabin. I don't know what to say.