Sunday, March 22, 2009


nothing to do with thw log cabin but... This week has been so freaking awesome..

-viper room
-shitty adds
-big beds
-$1.50 all day bus passes
-99c store sun glasses
-99c store caps
-99c nachos
-new shoes
-free gum
-frito pie
-chilli cheese fries
-rap bands
-free t-shirt
-free nachoes
-free juice
-free coffe
-free waffles
-free beer
-hot girls
-the grates
-hotel pools
-s club seven re-inactments
-hotel lobby internets for 8 hours
-lol at american aparel
-no lines
-badge passes
-bands bands bands bands
-all the music you can eat!!!
-game boy
-breaking shit
-mexican T.V
-crazy americans

wow cant wait to come home !!!

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