Monday, March 9, 2009

A month in the bLog Cabin

This is my first post on the bLog. I guess a lot of it is due to the fact that I don't have a computer. As the other Cabiners all have lap tops, I'm often made to feel unwelcome as they sit around the lounge and do all kinds of internet related things I can barely fathom. 'Posts' on 'OOK'? 'Chatting' with each other via 'fckbook'? Games of 'Lexulous' (nee Scrabulous)?

I've been living there for about a month, and it's probably time for an expose on the other dwellers. For anonymity, I'll just use initials, e.g. Eamonn M. No, that's too obvious - E Marra. Yeah.

E. M. is currently unemployed. He suggested to me that I should write a bLog, and be really mean about other people. I think it's time for payback, especially as E deliberately and callously threw my tooth brush out the bathroom window, and rubbed it in the filthy drain. He chose to tell me after I brushed my teeth. That's ok, I put something of his in the toilet.

M. M. is currently doing a Roy Morgan personal survey. These are highly confidential, but she chooses to leave it lying around, revealing salacious details of her private life. In a TftLC exclusive, I can reveal that M did not listen to the radio on Tuesday, and thinks that women should not be mainly responsible for care of the household. Outrage!

F. M-P. is employed, and chooses to lord this fact over the other less wealthy residents. F enjoys a drink after her hard days at the office stacking, unstacking, and stamping paper. She fashioned a scooter cover out of tarpaulin and rope, but it's main purpose is to strangle those Cabin dwellers who are taller than her diminutive frame. Short people...

We await the arrival of a new member, N. E., who will no doubt bring her own quirks to the mix.

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