Wednesday, December 16, 2009

highlights of 2009 at the cabin

What a year 2009 has been at the log cabin

Its a year in which Eamonn and David discovered Demon Babes.
We made a movie in 48 Hours, a super sweet horror movie

We grew our own veges then had people round to eat them....
some even left nice messagesDavid discovered crafts,.... and funny edge cutting scissors
learned to knit
the crackhouse 5 played in his bedroom
and he got really wasted at the silver scrolls.

We had some awesome neighbours too... S.A.C.K's.... who we took with us to a cat show
ahh cat shows.... later that week Netta got drunk and told Marcus she had met a cat at the show named after him, because it was so tall. Nice work.
David found a whiteboard on a vacant lot, it's been awesome for stuff like decreeing the passing of the lumberjack slam.

One night, Netta made us mashed potato volcanos for dinner. Yum.

More whiteboard action

There was an afternoon where we tried our hand at screenprinting. This is T'Nealles Aidan from above T-shirt.

David had a wikipedia party for his birthday, and T'Nealle and Fran fashioned a hat to meet Fran's wikipedia entry.
Later there was drunkeness and Fran decided Hollan needed a Mexican Gangster tattoo... Burrito!

And of course there was lots of chilling on the couch bed, and picnics in the front yard.

Monday, December 14, 2009