Sunday, June 14, 2009

The force is strong with this one

Left: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. Right: Netta Egoz, Law/Pols/Soci Student

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Blog is fucking lame

I love this house

I hate this blog

It's full of the type of jokes that should end in LOL WUT but the people who write for this blog are not very good at those types of jokes so they just put in CRAZY and ZANEY photos of all of the WACKY stuff we get up to in THE LOG CABIN

I am currently listening to Shellac quite loud as I am the only one home, I'm feeling kinda angry I don't really know why. I might clean the house and attempt to clean my room today probably wont though.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things which have happened

Our fridge broke. It just stopped working. So we ate all the food we could. Yum
While a new fridge is on the way, the current 'fridge' is the laundry, which is inexplicably cold. Handy.

Netta got a bike. Melinda got a bike. Eamonn's bike moved in to the hallway. A mysterious bike appeared in the driveway. My bike is happy in my room. Fran's scooter spends the night on the patio. Repeat after me - four wheels good, two wheels better!

Our fire place has been keeping us warm. It's nice to come home and hear it roaring.

The Cabin stereo has been playing Neutral Milk Hotel and A Silver Mt Zion.

I've been studying at uni, so haven't been home much lately. I have been blogging though, over at the colour of my love for you

We hope you are well

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Sheep Tech Playlist 10/6/2009

Well it seems according to that this is the homepage of The Sheep Technique so I'm going to post my play list for the night on here:

Good Laika- Tooth and Nail
Mary Rose Crook and the Renderers- Ghost of our Vegas Lives
JSPE- Let There Be Love
The Bats- Block of Wood
The Eastern- My Old Record

Lawrence Arabia- Auckland CBD
Betchadupa- Easy As It Seems
Humblewagon- Clothesline
Dudley Benson- Its Akaroa's Fault (track 6)
Ragamuffin Children- Better than Some
The Undercurrents- Thy Will Be Done
Sleepers Union - Psilocybin Boy
Misfit Mod - Queen Love Zero

The Crackhouse 5- What'cha Gonna Get?
Cut off Your Hands - You and I
The Deadly Deaths- See the World
Delaney Davidson- Hate a Man Like You
Holiday with Friends- Hot Water Bottle

Dinosaur Club- Helium Love Song
The Brunettes- Dance floor
The Teacups -Magic
Punches -Day by Day
Operation Rolling Thunder- Last Time I saw You
Die Die Die- White horses

TFF- Oops was That?
The Mint Chicks- This is your last chance to be famous, my love.
Voom -Relax
The Scavengers -True Love

Friday, June 5, 2009

So our property managers moved office

And they decided a good thing to do was send the log cabin a copy of Belle Interior design magazine. This magazine had handy directions on how to make the log cabin more designer friendly.

We have decided that we liked this look best:

We're working on the plans now to put a second story on our verandah and a pool in the front yard.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad refrigeration luck

The gremlins fridge has died.

The log cabin spent two months without a fridge over summer, and we survived fine. One day a happy hippy from Brighton offered us a free fridge. Then one cold winter's Queens Birthday weekend, the free fridge, decorated lovingly with Gremlins trading cards, gave up on life.

So now all the food is in the laundry and we're hoping that there is not a heat wave any time soon.