Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things which have happened

Our fridge broke. It just stopped working. So we ate all the food we could. Yum
While a new fridge is on the way, the current 'fridge' is the laundry, which is inexplicably cold. Handy.

Netta got a bike. Melinda got a bike. Eamonn's bike moved in to the hallway. A mysterious bike appeared in the driveway. My bike is happy in my room. Fran's scooter spends the night on the patio. Repeat after me - four wheels good, two wheels better!

Our fire place has been keeping us warm. It's nice to come home and hear it roaring.

The Cabin stereo has been playing Neutral Milk Hotel and A Silver Mt Zion.

I've been studying at uni, so haven't been home much lately. I have been blogging though, over at the colour of my love for you

We hope you are well


  1. I'm not sure what you mean, Jamesss, but 'yes please!'