Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Sheep Tech Playlist 10/6/2009

Well it seems according to that this is the homepage of The Sheep Technique so I'm going to post my play list for the night on here:

Good Laika- Tooth and Nail
Mary Rose Crook and the Renderers- Ghost of our Vegas Lives
JSPE- Let There Be Love
The Bats- Block of Wood
The Eastern- My Old Record

Lawrence Arabia- Auckland CBD
Betchadupa- Easy As It Seems
Humblewagon- Clothesline
Dudley Benson- Its Akaroa's Fault (track 6)
Ragamuffin Children- Better than Some
The Undercurrents- Thy Will Be Done
Sleepers Union - Psilocybin Boy
Misfit Mod - Queen Love Zero

The Crackhouse 5- What'cha Gonna Get?
Cut off Your Hands - You and I
The Deadly Deaths- See the World
Delaney Davidson- Hate a Man Like You
Holiday with Friends- Hot Water Bottle

Dinosaur Club- Helium Love Song
The Brunettes- Dance floor
The Teacups -Magic
Punches -Day by Day
Operation Rolling Thunder- Last Time I saw You
Die Die Die- White horses

TFF- Oops was That?
The Mint Chicks- This is your last chance to be famous, my love.
Voom -Relax
The Scavengers -True Love

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