Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Don't make me smash you again!"

Yes its official, battery can affect us all, even in the Log Cabin.
Everyone's favourite newly weds to be have become victim to what is commonly known as "wife bashing"

Hey David:

Yeah fuck you David its not OK.

Mmmm I did a focus group in Rolleston, 'the town of the future', today. I met a man who was the highest qualified embalmest in the southern hemisphere. he has 5 qualifications in it!!!! Though, he doesn't embalm very much anymore. except when his dad dies, and 4 of his kids W.T.F?!!!!!!

Also, the physics department at uni were throwing out a whole load of models of molecules so David has acquired several and we're going to make mobiles/ lanterns/ art out of them. Exciting! Look at these nice pictures of molecules. The first on is caffeine and its my favourite. But I don't have a model of one of those..

Mmm just having a wee listen to the lullabys show on rdu ( Wed 11pm) and drinking a beer for dinner as i cannot really think of what to make for dinner apart from toast. Which I may make now. And then go read a case. and analyze it. then sleep. with an electric blanket. and a hottie. of the rubber, water filled kind.. not the kind you pay to sleep with you eh..

Goodnight xo

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Death of a lumberjack

Matt: i had the chilli fries AND the curly fries the other night
Fran: woah!
Fran: did the roof of your mouth feel raped by the fat from both of those?
Matt: kinda
Matt: i certainly didn't feel good about myself
Fran: I find after a whole bowl of curly fries my mouth hurts.
Fran: hahhaa
Matt: i always have so much trouble eating there
Matt: the menu has so many great things
Matt: i feel like i'm missing out if i don't get any eggs
Fran: well we have the full set of dennys menus at the log cabin
Fran: so you know, you could decide before you go
Matt: they've updated them, by the way
Fran: well netta will have to get new menus
Matt: she fucking will
Fran: i'm saddened at the loss of the lumberjack slam
Matt: no more excited cries of "HERE COMES A MEATLOVER'S BREAKFAST"
Matt: woe
Fran: I think we need to have a wake for the death of lumberjack slam... at dennys.... this weekend

Twee - certain to break any flat

Two of my favourite quotes from Eamonn have occured in the last couple of weeks, and they both concern twee pop music.

"The more I hear twee, the more I wanna punch someone in the face"
"... you were there too"
Unfortunately for Eamonn, these two are inextricably linked. I've been playing a bunch of songs by one of my fav new bands, Transmittens, and they have a song called My Heart's In The Dumpster. It's very catchy, and as I sung/mumbled the first part of the chorus, "Oh, oh oh, my heart's in the dumpster...", Eamonn was drawn, unwillingly, inescapabley, tragically, in to singing the following line, "Oh, oh oh, you were there too"

The ruthless nature of twee knows no bounds, and can infect anyone. Even the most ardent instrumental-post-rock acolyte. Sorry Eamonn. I guess all we can do now is dream of being showered by cup cakes

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Benet for dinner/Cabin Working Bee

As Fran suggested, this blog will relate the story of our friend Benet coming over for dinner. I can sort of imagine that it's similar to when Fran is at work - someone tells her to do something, and I, as her, end up on Facebook. But on with the blog/LIMs...
Here is a picture of Benet:

Benet works as the Programme Director at RDU, and is a nicely eccentric person with a good taste in music. For dinner, Fran, Melinda and I prepared a delish Veggie Lasagna, and amazing Caramalised Onions and Walnuts. And Fran whipped up a choice-as Feijoa and Ginger Cake.
Dinner was enjoyed by all. We've instituted a new policy at the Log Cabin: each visitor is given the camera and allowed to take one picture during their time here. Benet was first, and took this picture:

I think it would look rather at home in House & Garden. Perhaps not with the L&P and the $7 wine.

Stay tuned to the bLog Cabin for more tales of dining with the Christchurch Elite

Saturday morning was an unusually productive one at the Cabin. We had had two dozen pallets delivered via the transport company my mum works for - hello firewood!

With Fran 'recovering' from last night, and Netta still on the comedown in Wellington, Eamonn, Melinda and I got to work. Operation: Un-Boganify our front yard before Tuesday's inspection. Eamonn's dad David joined the party, bringing a Saw Bench, funnel and two dozI pryed the pallets apart with the crowbar, and Eamonn and Melinda transported the cut wood to the shed. We really proved ourselves worthy of living in a Log Cabin, with some hearty lumber jack activity
Yusssss! Lots of wood to keep warm. Sorta frustratingly, it was a really warm day, so we didn't need to light the fire. This is the pile of wood that Eamonn, Melinda and I will use to keep warm.
Fran and Netta will have to work quite hard to stay warm this winter. Working with this, it's not looking promising. Keep looking guys!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Winter is upon us at the log cabin- so we've been stoking the fire and getting cosy in Netta's bed.
However as a result of said cosiness, some of the log cabin have come down with a head cold.
Head colds are not fun.
Meanwhile ex- cabin dweller T'nealle is off touring the world with her super sweet band. Its summer where she is.

I'd write something more coherent, but I am tired, and I have a tissue shoved up one nostril (hot!)

I found an awesome picture to go with this on flickr, but its not mine so I decided against posting it...

I know I always make these promises about blogging better, but I spread myself fairly thinly across many blogs as it is... So today, I promise not to write something better.. Instead just wait for a David update relating to inviting Benet ( round for dinner.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

48 hours later

The Log Cabin partook in the 48 hours film making competition on the weekend. We drew horror as our genre and therefore the log cabin took a trip to Woodford Mansion in neighboring suburb Papanui.
We roped in siblings and friends along the way and a bucket load of fake blood. T'nealle- we love the fact that even though she was off to London the next morning she was making fake blood over the stove.

Anyway, this was just a quick update, photos to come later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wine Flu

Well, flu season is almost upon us and it seems like a good time to examine what has worryingly become a common sickness year round in the log cabin.

Wine flu is perhaps the most common ailment amongst the cabin crew, with a spike in cases every weekend. it is a disease that is indiscriminate of age or gender. Early symptoms of wine flu include impeared motor skills, slowed reaction times, slurred speech and verbal diahorraea. The early symptoms are often accompanied by a feeling of lightheadedness and well being and the patient will not realise they are ill, but if unchecked these syptoms can worsen and result in nausea, headaches, loss of balance, double vision and, in severe cases, in delirium or in the patient becoming comatose. Here is a picture of a member of our own cabin crew afflicted by the later stages of wine flu.

Luckiy the recovery period is usually only a day, otherwise Fran and Netta would never make it to work/uni. Wine flu can easily be prevented by avoiding any contact with wine.

Masks such as the one seen above can aid in prevention of the disease, as they prevent the wearer from drinking wine. Unfortunately they also prevent intake of other neccesary fluids, i.e water, and so are by no means a permanent solution to the problem. Take care kiddies, and drink responsibily this Winter.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

blog superiority..

As you may have noticed by now blogging is the new black and it seems every "hipster" has one. Its like the diary to the emo in a way, but more public and a more acceptable way to bitch about your life/how much better you are at life. A prime example of this is: .

The writer of this blog is constantly on the cabin's back for not writing up to a 'hip'-blogging standard. But you know what? Fuck him. We are too busy having loser parties where we stay home on a saturday night or drinking margaritas on a wednesday and going to uni/ work drunk to have time to be hip enough.. One might go as far as calling us pseudo-hip as we are only interesting in irl and not so much in the world of

JJks James. We love you and your blog. You should all go read it cause its so much more intellectual and shit.

Here have an apology haiku..

James is so awesome
He writes really good haikus
And enjoys marrows.

lv u bby xxxx

(Also, we really aren't that interesting IRL either.. Just a bunch of bored, frustrated chch cats trying somehow live up to crackhouse standards of coolness.. In vain. Less photos/new shoes/awesome moustaches. Though we do have food the size of our heads!)

Love blossoms at the Log Cabin

Well only yesterday there was relationship status changes on Fcbk which announced to the world that Nettron and Dklein have got themselves engaged.

This stems from Nettrons desire for a vegan husband. She wants to play vegan wifey to him, and Dklein seems like the perfect man for the job.

Even in the early stages of this relationship, I forsee troubled times, mostly cause Nettron seems to be spending a lot of time with another man *gasp*

Also, observed last night at Al's bar:

Nettron and Dklein sitting at a table, ignoring each other, looking at everything but each other. (soz about the image, no camera so MSpaint must do the job)

How will this relationship work if they can't even stare wistfully into each others eyes while listening to the sweet soundz of Ed Muzik's Burning Sensations?