Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love blossoms at the Log Cabin

Well only yesterday there was relationship status changes on Fcbk which announced to the world that Nettron and Dklein have got themselves engaged.

This stems from Nettrons desire for a vegan husband. She wants to play vegan wifey to him, and Dklein seems like the perfect man for the job.

Even in the early stages of this relationship, I forsee troubled times, mostly cause Nettron seems to be spending a lot of time with another man *gasp*

Also, observed last night at Al's bar:

Nettron and Dklein sitting at a table, ignoring each other, looking at everything but each other. (soz about the image, no camera so MSpaint must do the job)

How will this relationship work if they can't even stare wistfully into each others eyes while listening to the sweet soundz of Ed Muzik's Burning Sensations?


  1. Maybe the icy vibes between them has something to do with a more tangible "burning sensation"?

  2. You're so wrong Fran - our love burns brighter than the sun.
    And, no, Joff - not burning in that way :)