Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Winter is upon us at the log cabin- so we've been stoking the fire and getting cosy in Netta's bed.
However as a result of said cosiness, some of the log cabin have come down with a head cold.
Head colds are not fun.
Meanwhile ex- cabin dweller T'nealle is off touring the world with her super sweet band. Its summer where she is.

I'd write something more coherent, but I am tired, and I have a tissue shoved up one nostril (hot!)

I found an awesome picture to go with this on flickr, but its not mine so I decided against posting it...

I know I always make these promises about blogging better, but I spread myself fairly thinly across many blogs as it is... So today, I promise not to write something better.. Instead just wait for a David update relating to inviting Benet ( round for dinner.

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