Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twee - certain to break any flat

Two of my favourite quotes from Eamonn have occured in the last couple of weeks, and they both concern twee pop music.

"The more I hear twee, the more I wanna punch someone in the face"
"... you were there too"
Unfortunately for Eamonn, these two are inextricably linked. I've been playing a bunch of songs by one of my fav new bands, Transmittens, and they have a song called My Heart's In The Dumpster. It's very catchy, and as I sung/mumbled the first part of the chorus, "Oh, oh oh, my heart's in the dumpster...", Eamonn was drawn, unwillingly, inescapabley, tragically, in to singing the following line, "Oh, oh oh, you were there too"

The ruthless nature of twee knows no bounds, and can infect anyone. Even the most ardent instrumental-post-rock acolyte. Sorry Eamonn. I guess all we can do now is dream of being showered by cup cakes

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