Saturday, May 16, 2009

Benet for dinner/Cabin Working Bee

As Fran suggested, this blog will relate the story of our friend Benet coming over for dinner. I can sort of imagine that it's similar to when Fran is at work - someone tells her to do something, and I, as her, end up on Facebook. But on with the blog/LIMs...
Here is a picture of Benet:

Benet works as the Programme Director at RDU, and is a nicely eccentric person with a good taste in music. For dinner, Fran, Melinda and I prepared a delish Veggie Lasagna, and amazing Caramalised Onions and Walnuts. And Fran whipped up a choice-as Feijoa and Ginger Cake.
Dinner was enjoyed by all. We've instituted a new policy at the Log Cabin: each visitor is given the camera and allowed to take one picture during their time here. Benet was first, and took this picture:

I think it would look rather at home in House & Garden. Perhaps not with the L&P and the $7 wine.

Stay tuned to the bLog Cabin for more tales of dining with the Christchurch Elite

Saturday morning was an unusually productive one at the Cabin. We had had two dozen pallets delivered via the transport company my mum works for - hello firewood!

With Fran 'recovering' from last night, and Netta still on the comedown in Wellington, Eamonn, Melinda and I got to work. Operation: Un-Boganify our front yard before Tuesday's inspection. Eamonn's dad David joined the party, bringing a Saw Bench, funnel and two dozI pryed the pallets apart with the crowbar, and Eamonn and Melinda transported the cut wood to the shed. We really proved ourselves worthy of living in a Log Cabin, with some hearty lumber jack activity
Yusssss! Lots of wood to keep warm. Sorta frustratingly, it was a really warm day, so we didn't need to light the fire. This is the pile of wood that Eamonn, Melinda and I will use to keep warm.
Fran and Netta will have to work quite hard to stay warm this winter. Working with this, it's not looking promising. Keep looking guys!

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