Sunday, March 22, 2009

bLog Cabin Recap

The Cabin's been rather more cozy than usual - mainly due to the fact that our internet is... not working. Instead of sitting about commenting on Google image pics and Wiki-ing ideas spawned from television commercials, we talk. And bake. And laugh. Sometimes.

And much more besides! There was a party/binge drinking at the Cabin on Monday after D!D!D!/D-Rad/Sets/AFTB's AA show. I went to Mt Pleasant's final Chch show, and generally had a reflective, quiet evening. I'm reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. It's delightful

On Tuesday, Melinda, Eamonn and I celebrated St Patrick's Day by making milkshakes. We set off for a walk, appropriately attired, with a vague notion of heading to P 'n' S to get ingredients. It was a very nice evening, topped off with sensational milkshakes.

Melinda, Fran and I rearranged the living room. It's approximately 23% more log-cabiny. The fire place is more of a focal point than the television, and has been used more lately.

Netta moved in on Friday. She (and the rest of the flat) spent that night at the Cranford Mansion. A cake has since been baked as reparation.

Fran, Netta and I cleared out the hall way a bit. It needed it, and now enables Eamonn to walk through without succumbing to his crippling claustrophobia.

I went to the Dux three nights in a row. Lil Pics were ok, Connan was really cool, Mustard were good, Pine were v good, The Septembers were meh (but did give me a free cd), The Sneaks were awesome, and Lawrence Arabia was awesome too. Bronwyn, Sam and I hung out on Friday night, and strolled the streets of Chch.

Bronwyn is returning to Canada after 2 years here. I'm not really looking forward to it - she's been such a great friend. We went and saw The Class at the WCS. I didn't like it. 3/10

Last night I made some things to send Beth. Cabin mates swooned. Sorry, I wish I could date you all. Keep your eyes on the post box.

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  1. Everyone in the uni libarary is staring at me right now because i am laughing so hard i am crying. Sigh, we sure have fun times at the logcabin.. Cant wait for our internet to be back up though!!!