Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is the logcabin? you may ask!

Well the logcabin is the best flat in Christchurch, and probably the most authentic too (if jock approves lol) here are the pros and cons of living/visiting the logcabin....
1- it is a logcabin
2- it is very sunny and warm
3- they mowed the grass-nice work
4- the blender is never put away- for all the times when you just need a margarita
5- they don't have a couch instead there is a single bed, arm chair,giant beanbag and 2X foot stools
6- they grow their own veges-potatoes, marrow, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and herbs
7- there are his and hers sinks in the hall way, that make a fine towel holder
8- Fran did a Mr. Bean with the original water colour of the city council building
9- amazing salt and pepper shaker collection

1- i don't live there any more.

this is pretty much accurate...

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