Friday, April 17, 2009

Thirsty Thursday at the cabin

After deciding to call it a night and return home for a quiet one last night, Josh and myself arrived home armed with a bottle of wine and a movie... Unfortunately, half a bottle of cheap white wine was enough to fog our common sense and slowly we moved onto the vodka and then tequila accompanied by Fran and Will, (who had been doing arts and crafts in her room) David and Melinda and eventually James and T'Nealle! Throw in some poetry slams and play dough and VOILA! As you can imagine, things got rather messy by the time Matt arrived with his trusty goon! Behold the evidence which should of been destroyed! Muahahahaha!

David told us a story about being on a boat....


T'Nealle decided it was time to make us some food, of the fries variety... disco fries!

Then, in Fran's room, we got out her playdough and made an animal farm and partook in some light reading...

Then Eamonn came home, having won a lot of money off the Punks....

Dirty magazines and gamblin' money

Log Cabin group photo!

Then, as this was a log cabin reunion, Matt came round...

and we had disco fries.... and matt posted you tube videos.

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