Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Flat Dinner

For the last four months Melinda, T'Nealle and myself have been tending to the log cabin vege garden, in the last 2, we decided to let our courgettes grow to as big as we could... and tonight, we harvested the result.

So T'Nealle in her infinite awesomeness took over the log cabin kitchen and stuffed that marrow into the most amazing, vegan friendly, gluten free meal the cabin has seen, well... since T'Nealle last cooked us dinner.

The marrow was bigger than James' head yo!

In the glowing warmth of the fire we cabiners and our various associates sat down to dinner, even with vegan gravy in a gravy boat!

Afterwards margaritas were made, because thats how we roll in the log cabin.

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