Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish I had paid more attention in my legal history lectures..

Seeing as this stupily dry essay is due next week I am now hiding out in the Canterbury Law Library which seems to me to be an appropriate venue to host some blog writing.

It seems the cabin is on hiatis at the moment. One might say this is due to us all trying to offer solidairty to Fran as she seems to be recovering from her recent bout of alcoholism...

On top of that we are all (well David and I) celebrating the fact that Eamonn has jumped on the meat free bandwagon. Clearly Eamonn is already feeling the benefits.

Melinda has returned to Timaru to take care of some business..

Yes we all know you are gun running you sneaky minx! (nice tan btw)

David's on a tea partying/ dishwashing/ lawnmowing/ anything bar studying rampage and rediscovering a new passion for picnics.. And an old passion for the laaadies..

My my who could resist?!

I sure can't! One day I'm going to make him my vegan hubbie and then maybe we'll out away for a nice little holiday to..

Yes thats right! The cabin had a wee country adventure last week and look at where we ended up?! Oh hoho it was a dream come true. Just imagine the excitement for Wellington visitor Prof. Beavis when he not only gets to complete 11 out of the 12 items on his things to do in chch (going to thelog cabin being #3) but also visits the famed SWANNANOA!! Ahwoooooooooah!

Anyways this is realy going nowhere, i'm just procrastinating and felt oblidged to make sure everyone was being kept up to date on the goings on in our humble abode. As the weekend is upon us (and it being the final one before we are back at uni *sob*) I'm sure there will be plenty more to tel soon enough..

Til then,

xo Gossip Girl (Fuck I dont even watch taht show, is that how it goes?)

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