Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another wonderful day in St Albans

Yesterday, the April edition of the St Alban News arrived. With a growing sense of pride in the suburb in which I live, I read it cover to cover. I was particularly intrigued by the Community Garden on Packe St, so I went for a walk. When I arrived, Peggy, one of the original organisers, was there, and she showed me around. It was amazing, and I was going to take Netta for an adventure there today.
It turned in to something so much better.
Fionn called, and wanted to come along. Eamonn in turn also tagged along. This was shaping up to be some fun. We wandered down Madras and picked up Henry, before dropping past the Punk Flat and grabbing Dan. There was a really cool feel - like a walking adventure school bus around St Albans. We had a look around Packe St, and then headed over to the empty lot on Caledonian Rd.
Construction workers were enjoying their lunch, so we moved on. We ran in to T'Nealle, who was going to a job interview. On Edgeware, we had a look at the site of the most important area of the S.Alb. community, the Edgeware Pool. After breaking in, we all met Peggy, who told us about the community meeting tomorrow.
She recommended Abberley Park, so we walked there past the Springfield Rd Discount Dairy. Dollar mixes were bought, as well as fearsome Grape Rampages. At the park, a good natured leaf fight broke out. Netta tried a 'leaf angel', and was rightly covered in leaves.
We were getting hungry, and had planned to get chips. After a brief free market lesson from Dan, it was determined that the neighbouring chip shops on Hills Rd were the place to go. We had a look around an empty lot on Edgeware, and contemplated making a SACKs Base there. We stopped by the Punk Flat to grab sauce and Hugh, and bought a huge Family Pack from Hills Rd Takeaways. The relative merits of the two stores were discussed, and we then headed back to Packe St. T'Nealle met us there. After our meal, the Kids of St Albans had a wee nap and looked at clouds.
I had a lot of fun today.


  1. didn't think we got the st albans paper then i checked it.

    lets have a flat crawl. it'll be sweet.

    I liked the article about the St Albans park - they forgot the fact that it's a hang out for married men looking for sex.

    there is also a really awesome vegetable farm/shop down cranford. i got a cucumber, silverbeet and some other stuff and it only cost $5.50.

    Delicious too. woo.