Saturday, August 22, 2009

So August is nearly over

And you might have noticed a lack of posts on thoughts from the log cabin.
It is perhaps because Melinda, Eamonn, Netta and David have all been studying hard at Uni this semester.

Meanwhile, T'Nealle is now more focused on her own blog and well I've just been super busy with "life" (getting drunk on weekdays).

This weekend is the first weekend of the mid semester break, so to celebrate that, and the fact that winter is nearly over, The Log Cabin is hosting the second annual Woolly Jumper party. Last year, hosted on a wintery (almost snowing) night by Team Awesome- we're hoping to relive the glory of mulled wine, port and hideous sweaters on a not so cold Sunday afternoon.

And because the Log Cabin are elitist snobs we gave out physical invites to this event- and decided that putting it on FBK would only encourage the uninvited. The invites were sweet little lolly bags with cookies inside them, made by T'Nealle and myself before getting super happy at Chez Jas last week.

Next weekend, being the last weekend of the last weekend of August, The Log Cabin will be playing host to the wonderful birthday affair of Mr. D-Klein. I'm super excited about my costume.

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