Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ultimate Flat Dinner

Sunday flat dinners are a fairly regular occurrence in the Log Cabin. A few weeks ago Eamonn made the mega vege roast, which kept him, and others well fed for several days after the fact.

Pretty much thinking this couldn't be topped, I attempted flat dinner the Sunday just been. Usually flat dinners are a very social occasion with guests from all over the city invited to join. This week, flat dinner was the log cabin and T'Nealle, who is well... still totally a log cabiner.

It was declared that the vege lentil pie was the best ever, and T'Nealles amazing dessert pizza made us all guilty of gluttony. There isn't a lot left over, especially after David consumed half a pizza.

Sunday is going to be hard to top.


  1. I dont mean to sound mean or anything, but this makes me hate you. Your diets are all far more fulfilled and well rounded than mine.

    I want roasted kumera and pizza, All I have is spagetti, toast, pasta and chocolate cake. I dont mean to sound ungrateful, could really go for some pastry means onion, tomato, cheese concoction with a side of sweet potato.

  2. Tell me about it. I've been living off half a loaf of bread since friday. WHAT DID WE DO WRONG BRIAN

  3. We spend all our money on booze and welcome burgers. and we are bad people.