Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ultimate Flat Dinner

Sunday flat dinners are a fairly regular occurrence in the Log Cabin. A few weeks ago Eamonn made the mega vege roast, which kept him, and others well fed for several days after the fact.

Pretty much thinking this couldn't be topped, I attempted flat dinner the Sunday just been. Usually flat dinners are a very social occasion with guests from all over the city invited to join. This week, flat dinner was the log cabin and T'Nealle, who is well... still totally a log cabiner.

It was declared that the vege lentil pie was the best ever, and T'Nealles amazing dessert pizza made us all guilty of gluttony. There isn't a lot left over, especially after David consumed half a pizza.

Sunday is going to be hard to top.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flat Crawl

So the log cabiners celebrated The Albanifest by partaking in a flat crawl with our fellow neighbourhood dwellers.

So here are some pics from the first ever SACK (St. Albans Cool Kids) Flat Crawl

First stop was Cranford St Castle... They had more beer than the SACK's could handle and amazing pizza.
From there we went to Edgeware to T'nealles place, where she and Mr. Cooler than a Log Cabin made delicious asian fusion treats and amazing punch.
After T'nealle, once again proving how awesome she is, we had to stop at "the local". The Edgeware local is named 1066 after its street address. Clever. It also claims it is where "everyone meets a friend". John met 2 new friends, perhaps it was his stylish bunny suit that did it for the local folk of St. Albans.

Not too sure what happened here... It looks like Fionn, David and James were attempting the pokies in the bar.

Some of us, prefered to check out the brews which they had on offer.

Stop 4 on the crawl was Sherborne, where things were deep fried, David made friends with a cat, and as you can see here, with John (its that bunny suit, I tell ya)... Fionn scored some free pizza when going to ask the Edgeware pizza place for a light for his cigarette. St. Albans- so very friendly.

At the log cabin, stop 5 was Margaritas (Fran specialty) and nachos.
Not sure how, why or whatever, a vivid marker made an appearance and then everyone got knuckle decorated.

It was at this point that we were joined by the famous Tommy Ill and Brian from the Crackhouse. The SACKS were honoured to have them in our presence.Some of the many "knuckle art" from the flat crawl. Most of these pictures were taken at Nick/Henry/Stephen/Kate's (The Creek House) which was stop 6. Stop 7 was The Punks. They made awesome punch too... By then everyone was too drunk to care about food.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I think we're finally getting some action..

.. on here again.

Might be due to the long nights, or the crisp weather. Or the fact that university has once again started and we have time and internetz to burrn.

Blogging in our house is so last month now. Well, in reality, everyone is writing their own personal blogs and leaving the cabin blog dormant.

Updates around here? Yes our new living room is in the hall way. Its small, and bare but full of heat. We all sit around a 2 seater couch watching cheesey youtube videos and listening to 90s music. Its nice that we're at least all hanging out together agagin.

Crackhouse came and went. We had a show in our house. It was uneventful. Us cabiners were plagued with various illnesses that weekend and suffered from a little wine flu from the flat crawl the night before so we all went to bed early and kicked everyone out. Soz guys.

All but Fran (with her degree and real job) have come back to uni. The thought of our house being empty right now is weird!

Fran has a new (kinda) job which means she can only do work at work not go on fcbk. This should be interesting.

My computer is still broken, as is eamonn's, so not many of us have time/ access to update this but fingers crossed this will change now that we're back at UC.

Until next time!

Ps, We've run out of firewood, here's hoping we dont resort to slowly bit by bit burning every log that makes our cabin. I see already some wooden furniture has been sacrificed to create heat to keep us alive.

Being Social.

Log cabin dwellers have taken up residence in the hallway. Its warmer, there's a couch in there left from when the Crackhouse played in David's room. There is a night store heater which pumps out the warmth....

especially good when the pipes have frozen meaning there is no hot water.

Love you Christchurch winter.